Atomiade 2020 organised by the CERN Ski Club CERN

French version

The CERN Ski Club organises next winter Atomiade in March 2020

The Atomiade is a sport and social event organised under the auspices of ASCERI The general spirit is to take advantage of sport challenges to foster exchanges between members from European research institutes. Alike the Olympiads, the more important thing is to participate, have fun and exchange with others. It’s not important to win. Challenges will be organised such as people of a class-2 level can safely participate and enjoy.

During one week, the winter Atomiade will propose challenges in alpine ski, snowboard and cross-country ski (mainly), as well as a fun team competition. The week will start with a ‘scientific rally’, to give the chance to discover the ski resort, and meet colleagues from the other teams.

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