Accounting year

Upon your registration , the fiscal year corresponds to the current year ( January 1st – December 31) and is automatically created. If you want to change the accounting year or create a new one , go to the part ” exercise “.

The exercise is used in some parts of the application and used to filter the different displays : purchasing, incomes/expenses, alerts, activities etc …


To set your annual budget , use the setting exercise and enter the amounts that you assign each account. In Analytic tab of the financial part, you will track the realized of that budget.

Statements of income and balance sheet accounts

The accounts used on the balance sheets and income statements can be set at the account ” finances ” menu, ” analytical ” tab, : then click Account.

For each account, you can choose whether it will be used for balance sheet (assets and liabilities) or  the income statement (income or expense ) and if a budget can be assigned. The ” selectable ” option controls if this account can be used in the allocation of income/expense .

The standard of our software propose the accounting plan for French associations  , but the flexibility of settings allows you to adapt it to the laws of your country.

Accounts of cash and bank

By default, you have a cash account and a bank account. To create others , use the “add” button in the ” settings ” tab ” repository ” and block account ” cash / bank.” It is this parameter that will be included in the field ” breakdown ” of an operation.

Cost accounting (by category)

In addition to the accounts, you can define income/expense categories to manage an analytical monitoring of your accounting. To add an analytic category,  do “add income/expense category” in the ” settings ” tab repository .

Costing section

Tip : the classification of income/expense by category can also be used to manage the sections of a club , for example , category = a section.

So you can track your movements at the section level (more than the overall vision already present) , either on the dashboard , but also when editing reports ” balance sheet ” and ” income statement “.

NB : when you enter your income or your expense, you can  assign to a section too.