The Kananas software manages the communication of your association.

We offer you simple and user-friendly tools :

  • Mail

  • Mailings

  • Channel of information

Model documents

You can design the standard documents you send regularly (invoice , newsletter, etc …),  use the “document” menu, then ” model documents ” tab. You can make the document layout and add dynamic fields with the integrated editor. These documents can then be used for your mailings or paper mails, dynamic fields (name, address ) .

You can find more information on  merge / mailings page.


The mailing feature is accessible from the contact list . Select your recipients by checking them in the list and then use the collective action function at the bottom of page : “send mail”. A window In which you to enter the title and the content of your email.


The left list includes recipients, those appearing in strikethrough have no email address on their file , the eMail will therefore not be sent for them.

To the right, you will find the dynamic fields available. Click on them to add them in the text you write.  These fields will be replaced with the value stored in the database when sending . And then click on “send”.

For a real-time follow-up of the sending of your mails click log, mailing tab.

mailing tracking

You will get more details by clicking on the title of your mail. You will then know who opened the mail (if the recipient accepts emails in html format and displaying images), who has unsubscribed from your mailing lists, if the mail has been blocked, if the recipient has clicked One of the links of your mail, and if the recipient’s address is false.

You will be able to measure the relevance of your communications.

Send a model document

For recurring shipments, we recommend using the standard documents , which can be sent again.

To send a model document, do as for mailing (see section above) , select the recipients in the contact list and select the function of collective action at the bottom of page : “send model document ” and then choose the document .

Channels of communication :

The access is from the menu “discussion” ; this exchange space can create discussion channels that you organize as you want. By item,  by area of responsibility, by event , or by any other criteria, the channels will allow you to communicate with your members.