With our Kananas software, you can upload documents from your computer to the backoffice. So, these documents are secured and can be shared with your members .

Attach documents to fîles

You can attach documents to member files, to products, and to activities. These documents will be stored on our servers, and Will be backed up every night .

Go to the “document” tab if you want to attach documents to a member or go to the “photo” tab to attach documents to products and activities.

Click on “Add a document” , and select the documents you wish to download .

You can only attach the following allowed type of documents : JPEG images, Word document, Excel document , Powerpoint document , PDF document

Tip : To select multiple documents, use the CTRL key and click on the documents.

Example on contact file

member documents


The Drive allows you to secure your documents , and share them with members of your association. Drive centralize and secure your important documents like the statutes of your association , insurance certificates , diplomas or the minutes of the assembly

Go to the “Documents” menu then “drive” tab . You can browse the tree of your data from the left menu.


With Drive, also known as Digital safe , you can organize your information system structure by creating directories. You can then upload documents : why click on the “+ Document” button.
Share documents with your members

Members can access (only read) to the documents you placed in their file, from the “document” tab in their profile.  They can access also from their personal space to the documents you want to share with them.

member personnal space

Access rights are given to the directory level , you must specify which categories of members can view the content (click on the ” rights ” of the current directory).