You can always export your data to realize , for example, statistical studies or cross your data with other informations. The other advantage of this feature is that you are not a prisoner of our solution , because you can always extract your data.


The main use you make will surely be imported into your favorite spreadsheet.

Our management software offers two modes of export :     

  • database
  • table
Export database:

You can export your database to recreate it on the target of your choice (your PC or a website). The export format is sql which allows both to create the database and also to feed it. Some office software like Microsoft Access use this format.

Export your database is from the home page of your Back Office (depending on your rights).

Export table :

You can export data on which you work (contact, product, business etc …) to a spreadsheet ( csv format).

Then, use the “Export” button on the different views. To retrieve the result of the export file, save the file generated ( xxx.csv ) on your disc, then launch Excel and open the file.

Tip : If the .csv file is associated with a program in your browser, the browser will automatically open when you click ” Export.”