Contact management

Import your contacts (member, external, etc. …), personal information management, monitoring of activities, managenment of invoices, management of access rights, possibility to attach documents in the folder, statistics, export to others softwares, customization of folder (adding free fields), cards printing.

Fees management

Beyond the contributions, you can manage whatever you sell, courses, fees, insurance, equipment, licenses, operations etc. …

Management of activities

Planning, outings, courses, meetings, assignments, groups, incomes/expenses, reports, notices, attendance management, online registration.

Financial management

Setting exercises, bank accounts / funds and accounts. Incomes and expenses management . Accounting followed by status, by analytical account, by bank account, by category. Statistics, production of documents : balance sheet and income statement.

personal space payment
Online payment

Members or contacts can pay online their contributions, insurances, activities, etc. …


Sending targeted information : to members of an activity for example, document templates, mail merge, email, newsletter, channels of information…

communication channel
Export data

Export your database or lists to others softwares.

Document management

Download and store important documents in your backoffice and share them with your members.

Multi users

Possibility to give different access rights to your members : administrator profil, manager profile, secretary profile, etc. …


Integration of the website of your association with online store and membership personal space.

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