With Kananas software, you can manage all your internal contacts (members) but also external contacts (suppliers, donors, externals, etc. …)

The different types of contacts may be specified in “setting / reference” : contact types.  You can always change the contact type without recreate the file. For example, an internal member can become an external member and conversely.

Contacts can be added to your database manually from the back office, and automatically from the online registration form, or from an import file.

Contact file include :     

  • The identifying information: name, first name, address, etc. …     
  • Information related to customizing folders.     
  • Its rights : list of permissions and access to the software.     
  • The cart : list of all purchases and payments of the member.
  • The planning : list of all past and future activities to which the contact is registered.     
  • All the documents attached to the file of the contact.
  • The log : list of all actions performed on the file

member file

You can organize your contacts database according several settings :     

  • Type : member, donor, etc. …     
  • Category : secretary, manager, etc. …     
  • Status : active, canceled, etc. …     
  • Tag : label you have placed in the folder, eg “complement”

Folders can be modified in the backoffice only by authorized persons. Contact can also access to his file by connecting to his personal space. He can change some informations like her address, his phone number, etc. …

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