Administrator :

When your Kananas identification account is created, an user with all rights is created : it is the Administrator.  This user is the one you use first .

Then, we advice you to create other identification accounts to allocate responsibilities into your organization.

How to allocate access rights :

You can give access rights to users from the backoffice. The access rights can be allocated by  contact, account , etc … and with different levels : forbidden, read only, edit only.

To allocate access rights at a contact, you must go  in his record in the  backoffice and then in the ” Access Rights ” tab.

For example you can authorize the treasurer for the accounting part but not on activities.

A user who has the right to modify the access rights can not change his own access rights.

So that your members can connect to the back office or in their personal space (web site), it is necessary to assign a user ID and a password.

An identifier is generated automatically when the contact file is created but it is possible to change it.

For security reasons, passwords are never displayed clear. The member will have to choose it. Passwords are encrypted in the database and are never sent by email .

As soon as you assign Frontoffice access rights “consultation” or “modification” , an email is automatically sent to the member to invite him to choose a password. You can do the same operation by clicking on ” Send password ” . When the member has chosen his password, he will receive another email indicating the address of his personal space. This address can be changed in “Configuration / My Account – Options” .

If do not want that access is automatically sent to the member , check ” No” in ” settings / My Account – Options – automatically send access to personal space .”

It is also possible to reset passwords (mail sending choices password) collectively from the contact list using the collective action field at the bottom of the page .