With Kananas software, you can add free fields to complete the file of your contacts. So, you can collect  more informations and adapt the database to your specifications.

How to create free fields

Access to the settings by the menu ” Settings” and “Repository” tab, then click on “Add” in the “free contact fields” area.

If your free field is a choice list (listbox), you must enter the list of possible values separated by the character “;”. The “multiple” option allows or disallows the user to select multiple values. If your field free is text-only, do not enter anything.

 You can choose if contacts may modify this new field from his personal space.

Use of free fields

When you access the Contact file in the backoffice,  you can change free fields informations. If you allow the contact to view or change these informations, they must be displayed in the personal space.

personal space

The free fields created will be added in the contact folder filter area (if selected). You can also select your files on these criteria.