How to build cards

In the  ‘Documents’ menu, then ‘model documents ‘ tab, you have an example of a document type ” membership card ” .

You can change it, but we suggest you to duplicate before and work on the copy.

With the drafting interface, you can do the layout like word processor ( fonts , styles, etc …) but also you can insert informations from your database (dynamic fields ) : photo, address etc …

These fields will be replaced at runtime with their value taken into the database .

We advice to use a table -type layout to organize your document (add table in the toolbar ).

For a more precise design, please enter source code and edit the HTML document , like a webpage. To do this,  click the ” source ” link.

To group multiple cards on one sheet of paper, choose the ” repeat type = line .”  The block will be repeated several times on the page.


How to select the population

In the  view “Contacts ” , select the folders that you want to print a card.  You have a check box below the table to select all the files. Once the selection is made, click “Print a master document ” down list, then select your paper “card” and click on “OK”.

Print cards

Click on ‘Print’ (printer icon) and you will get the result of the fusion of the selected document with the selected population. Just print it.