Add Participant :

To add attendees to your activity,  use the “+ Participant” button. The following window will let you select the people you want to add to your activity.

In addition, you also have the possibility to affect the participants on the following sessions in the case of repetitive activity .

You can also assign the participants to a group and specify their status (pending, accepted , etc …) .

Another way of adding a participant is open the online registration functionality, and you offer to your members the option to register themselves in activities from their personal space.

To manage subscriptions you have several functions

Registration : use the flag for opening or closing the online registration .

Capacity : number of seats provided for the activity.

Published : This indicator is set to “yes” and will display activity in the personal space of  the members of your organization. Warning : to be published, an activity should not be the status “draft” . It is therefore advisable to prepare activity leaving the status “draft” , and when you want to open the online registration, you change the status “open” and “registration” = yes .

Warn participants : an email will automatically be sent to participants when changing the status of their registration.

Add a attendees : click on the link “add attendees” of the “participants” tab of the activity folder ;  or from contact list using the collective change function at the bottom of page.

Communications to the participants of the activity : on the “attendees” tab,  you will find icons “email” and “sms” that allow you by clicking send an email or a text message to the participants of the group.

Assignment : the “attendees” tab  of a activity allows you to have an overview of registrants . It display all participants by group. You can individually change the registration information by clicking on the icon on the right side of the line , or use the collective modification of sector at the bottom of page. To use the collective editing feature, select participants and  the action to do.

Time sheet : You can print a document that serves to point the participants of your activity. To do this, use the ” time sheet ” .