Registration fees :

If you want that future participants pay their registration online, you must add prices to your activity. To do this, use the button “add” to the fee area of the tab “Registration”.

During registration , the costs will be automatically added to their shopping cart and online payment can be done (if you have it enabled ) .

Expense applied to members :

To add fees to a participant click on the shopping cart icon on the right of the participant’s line. To add a payment use the icon in the form of piggy bank.

If you want to apply charges to many members , select the members in the “member ” tab of the activity and then use the collective change function at the bottom of page. You can choose between add a product  (related to your product catalog, Example 1 shirt ) , or add an expense (a title and amount ) .

We must proceed in the same way during the settlement of the expense, check the member and use the collective action “add payment” .

By clicking on the description of the costs ( expenses column), you have access to the detail of this cost and also the payment details .

The entered payment will automatically generate an income in the journal of accounting.

Costs related to the activity :

It is possible to allocate incomes or expenses on an activity :   you just go in the “Financial” tab and then do “add” . The incomes or expenses recored in this tab are not linked to a member except if they have been created in the member tab.