For example, a club will be able to define the following products :     

  • Membership fee,
  • Licence,
  • Insurance,
  • T-shirt.

You must realize these operations in the back office of our association management software.

How to create a product ?

Go to the ” Product” menu and click on the “+ Add” button.

products detail

Define your fee product by filling the following fields :     

  • the title  
  • the price and the VAT rate    
  • the validity period ( how long you can sell the product , the current year for an annual fee for example)     
  • the status    
  • etc …

In the event that this product is used to manage memberships, you must check off “yes” in the field ” used for membership.” Thereafter, the product or products that you have defined,  will be used to check the validity of membership. This test is performed when the participant logs into his personal space.

Note that there is a filter on the contact list to find contacts with a product. You can use it for example to find the members who have a cotisation or not.

If you want to do cost accounting , indicate on which account will be affected the income related to the sale of this product ( field “account”) .
Online sales

If you want your product to be available for sale in the online store of the member personal space , choose the value ” yes ” to the field “Online sales” .

Example in member personal space

products order

Variable price

If you want the product price was based on a criteria specific to the member, the family coefficient for example, add a free field ” family coefficient” in the repository ( “setup / repository” menu). This new free field will be used to store in each file the value of the family factor .

Fill then the “multiplier coefficient” field of the record of the contribution with the choice ” family coefficient”. When you add  the product to a member, the price will be calculated by the following operation : product price * family coefficient.

Change of season

For an annual fee, you can :

  • create a new product for the new year (for example, contribution 2016)


  • change the dates of beginning and end of validity of the product fee .

Please note that if you change the price of a product the amount of purchases in carts of members will change retroactively.