When the participant makes a payment, there are 4 ways to enter it in your backoffice :     

  • Directly from the cart of the member
  • From the activity , and then the participant     
  • From accounting     
  • From the online payment
From the cart of the member

In the file member , “cart” tab, click on the “+ Payment ” button.


In the payment  window,  you can specify more payment  accounting details like  “Account “, “ventilation” and “category” . Entering a payment will generate a movement in your accounting. This income keeps settings ” account”, “ventilation” and “category”.

A payline will appear in the cart of the file.

To remove a payment,   click on the “delete” icon in the cart on the right payline. This function is unavailable if the payment has been validated in accounting or if the financial exercise is closed.

From the activity

If you want to add a payment to participants of an activity , select the members in the “member” tab of the activity and then use the collective change function at the bottom of page : ” add payment”. Then you just have to enter the payment method and the amount.

activity payment

You can see the payment in the “fee” column,  “member” tab in the activity , but also in the cart of the member or  in the accounting journal.

From accounting

Add an income  from the accounting journal and fill the “contact” field to link this payment with a member.

Online payment

Online payment can be done from the personal space of the member only if the Paypal field was checked in the “settings ” menu ,”my account” tab .

Example on member personal space :

personal space payment