Purchase of a product :

There are 4 ways to add a product to a participant cart :     

  • From its cart     
  • Collectively, several members from the contact list     
  • From the personal space of the member, via the online store     
  • From the activity to which the contact is assigned
Adding products to a member :

After opening the file of the participant, click on the button ” – Flow ” in the cart tab. Then you have the choice between “free” expense or expense related to a product. To add a product, select it in the list and indicate the amount. You can change the date of purchase at the bottom of the window.

The product is then added to the cart of the member, the purchase is completed. You can add the payment related to this product from the cart of the member ( payment button ) or via online payment from it personal space.

Adding a product from several members :

Use the collective editing box at the bottom of the contact list .

Check the contacts you want to add a product, select the “add product” function  and then the product and click on OK. The product is then added to the carts of the selected members.

Purchase from the online store :

The member may itself carry out the purchase of a product from the online shop in his personal space. In the online shop , all products on which the  field “online sales ” is ” yes ” will be offered .

The online settlement is possible only if the parameter ” PayPal account ” is checked in setting up of your account : go to the  “settings” menu, then “my account” tab .

Adding a product from an activity :

From the activity ( “planning” menu), select participants for which you want to add a product ( tab “participant” ) and use the collective change function at the bottom of page. Add a product (related to your product catalog, Example 1 meal).