Our servers are equipped with the latest Secure Socket Layer encryption (SSL) technology . If your browser supports SSL , each transmission of sensitive data is protected by this function. Most browsers show you through an message or an icon (for example , a padlock in the lower margin of the window) if they support the security protocol .

For more information , see the Help function of your browser.


The Kananas solution provides an answer to safety problems when the data is stored on a single computer. Your data is automatically backed up every night by automated procedures. Only administrators can access Kananas for database maintenance purposes .

The data you provide to us through our management software will never be disclosed to third parties.

When you use the software, each data modification is stored in a database in order to investigate in case of problems.

Our management software is collaborative type, which means that multiple users can connect simultaneously.

To avoid concurrent access to a file , the software locks the file which you modify.