With Kananas software, members of your association can pay online the various services : fee, insurance , output etc …  The provider selected to manage transactions is Paypal .

If you want to offer the online payment, your association must open an account on PayPal. Then , you must fill the field “paypal account ” in the Back Office , “settings” menu “My Account” tab.

The member can pay all or part of the balance of his account. He can also choose to pay in advance an amount in order that his account is in credit.

Pay online

Member can make payments from his personal space . After identification, he must go on his cart  to consult his expenses, his past payments and the balance of his account.

personal space payment

To pay online, the member must click on the button “pay” of his cart . He can change also the amount that corresponds to the default debit balance. Then, the member will switch to PayPal website : he can pay with his credit card or with his PayPal account.

After payment,  the member goes back to the Kananas website in his personal space .

Warning: Kananas is not responsible to a payment error , Kananas only links the member of the association with the online payment website (Paypal). No money and no bank information is stored on the Kananas website.

There will be an amount difference between the amount paid by the member and what you get on the Paypal account of your association : this is due to management fees from Paypal.

Once complete, the transaction automatically generates automatically an income in accounting (amount paid) and an expense (Paypal fees). A payline is also added into the cart of the member.

This automation will be triggered only if you have set your Paypal account (see below).

Paypal setting

To activate the Paypal information back to Kananas connect you to the Paypal account that will receive payments.

Caution according to the version of Paypal the screens can be different.

  • On the home page in the left menu “marketing tools” click on “Contact seller”.
  • In the “Getting my payments and manage risks” on the line “Instant Payment Notifications” click “update”.
  • Click on button “Choose IPN Settings” and enter into the “URL reporting” https://backoffice.kananas.com/action_manager.php?event=paypal. Select “Receive IPN messages (on)” and click the “Save” button.

Otherwise if you do not have the “Sales Tools” menu:

“Preferences / more options” menu then “My preferences / My selling tools” menu and click on “Update” of the line “Instant payment notification”.
On the next screen enter the notification url with the value “https://backoffice.kananas.com/action_manager.php?event=paypal” and select “Receive IPN messages”