Who are we

Revolutionizing Associative Management

Founded by two passionate actors in the associative world, Kananas is much more than a company. It’s a committed initiative, born from the deep conviction that associations deserve optimal management to fully realize their mission. With a clear objective and a devoted spirit, Kananas came into being to offer a CRM solution specialized in association management.

The Genesis of Kananas

Founded in 2009 (formerly gestasso.com), Kananas emerged from the concrete experience of its co-founders who dedicated many years to various associative projects. Their observation was clear: administrative management and member coordination can quickly become a significant challenge, thus limiting the operational efficiency of associations. It is in this context that Kananas took shape, with the mission to simplify and improve association management, thus allowing them to fully focus on their objectives.

Kananas’s Vision

At Kananas, we believe in the power of collective action and in the ability of associations to bring about positive change in society. Our vision is to facilitate their daily work by providing a modern, intuitive, and powerful management tool. We aspire to become the trusted partner of associations worldwide, helping them maximize their impact and unleash their potential.

Our Product: A CRM Dedicated to Associations

The core of our offering is our CRM specialized in associative management. Designed with a user-centered approach, our system offers advanced features for member management, fundraising, event planning, internal communication, and much more. Kananas offers an all-in-one platform, eliminating administrative complexities and allowing associations to fully dedicate themselves to their missions.

Our Values: Commitment, Transparency, Innovation

At Kananas, we are guided by strong values. Commitment to environmental causes, transparency in our actions, and continuous innovation are at the core of our DNA. We firmly believe that every association deserves a reliable technological partner who shares its values and supports it in its journey.

Join Us in Our Mission

Kananas invites all associations to join our community. Together, let’s build a world where administrative management is no longer an obstacle but an opportunity to amplify the positive impact of each association. Join us on this adventure, for together, we are stronger.