Zapier App

To implement specific processes on Kananas, you have access to the APIs, but this requires skills in software development. To abstract from this constraint, we provide you with our App on Zapier. Zapier is an online tool that automates tasks between different web applications. With the ability to connect to over 2,000 applications, Zapier facilitates … Lire la suite

Improved registration for activities on smartphone

In order to offer a smoother user experience, we have redesigned the smartphone version of the online activity regOnline registration for activitiesistration page in the personal space. It now features a calendar displaying the activities the member has participated in, as well as those available to them. The navigation can be done through the calendar … Lire la suite

Why and how to create an association ?

Creating an association can be a rewarding endeavor for those looking to engage in a cause or promote a collective project. Here’s why and how to create an association: Why create an association: How to create an association: In summary, creating an association requires planning, commitment, and teamwork. It’s also essential to comply with local … Lire la suite

Family management

This week we are launching our new family management module! This feature replaces linked folders, so you will no longer find this zone in your member’s folder but in the folder header. We invite you to read the documentation on this subject to learn about the changes.

Association, how to call for donations?

Making a call for donations for an association is an essential step in raising funds and financing your activities. Here are some steps to follow to make an effective donation appeal: Remember that the success of a fundraising campaign largely depends on communication, transparency, and commitment to your cause. The more you involve donors in … Lire la suite

Dematerialised card

We have improved the membership card based on reading a personal QR code. With a smartphone’s camera, you can indeed scan your member’s personal QR code and access their photo, name/first name, and status. This QR code can be sent by email, but it is also available in the member’s personal space, which allows you, … Lire la suite

Kananas Application

Mobile devices have represented more than half of internet connections worldwide since late 2018. Their usage for accessing the internet has been steadily increasing since 2021. For the second quarter of 2022, mobile devices accounted for 55.5% of the time spent on the web, compared to 52% during the same period in 2021. In light … Lire la suite

Free online payment

A significant new feature is coming to Kananas in October. We are offering you the option to no longer have transaction fees when using online payments. Indeed, online payments incur costs related to the technical and banking intermediaries required for their implementation. Like other competing platforms, we have opted for the tip method to cover … Lire la suite

Back to school: actions to take

Back-to-school time is a crucial period for associations because it’s the perfect moment to attract new members, strengthen relationships with existing members, plan activities for the coming year, and promote the visibility of the association. Actions to take: Back-to-school is a busy time, but it offers many opportunities for associations to thrive and grow. By … Lire la suite

Measure engagement

If you are using Kananas activity management, you will see stars appearing below the photo of your members, ranging from 0 to 3. This is an indicator of participation in activities over the last 6 months.   Based on the quartiles method, this score measures what we call the member’s engagement in activities, and it … Lire la suite