Practical Details

Version française

Where is it?

Gymnase du CO Golette, Rue de la Golette 17, CH-1217 Meyrin

How to get there?

To help you find the way to the gym hall, here is a description; start point is CERN Meyrin:

    • Take the Route de Meyrin, direction Geneva.
    • You follow the road, cross the big round-about and do not take the tunnel in Meyrin.
    • At the second set of traffic lights at the top of the hill (Meyrin), turn left into the Avenue de Vaudagne.
    • Take the first on the right: rue de la Campagne-Charnaux.
    • Carry on to the end of the dead end.
    • The entrance to the parking lot is after the first chicane on the right. You can park there!
    • The entrance to the gym halls is at the end of the parking place, on the left.
    • We occupy the last gym hall, on the right side of the corridor, at the very end, after the last staircase leading to the basement.
    • There is a door for the women’s locker room and the next one is for the men’s locker room.

In which language the lessons are taught?

The gym instructor speaks French.
In case you have difficulties to understand French, there are always participants who are happy to translate in English or even in other languages.

What to wear?

Special equipment is not necessary. So, dress comfortably: sport tights or pants and a T-shirt are perfect.
Concerning the shoes, the rules are a little bit more strict: Sports shoes have to be clean and appropriate to gym halls. Sport shoes with black soles or that leave marks on the floor, or out-door shoes are not allowed. Please do not use your out-door sport shoes. Make sure that you change your shoes only once you are in the gym hall/lockers (and not in your car, eg.) in order to avoid soiling of the gym hall.

What else shall I bring?

Take a bottle of water with you in order to quench your thirst during the exercises.
If you have a gym mat, you can take it with you for more comfort during floor exercises.

What are the changing rooms like?

Please remember that we use a gym hall belonging to a public school, with the corresponding changing rooms… There are benches and pegs to change clothes, and there a showers, too. But unfortunately, there are no lockers for your clothes or your valuables like hand bags and purses. It is strongly recommended to take these things with you to the gym hall.

I do not remember the Geneva school holidays…

Do not worry, here they are! In any case, before the holidays you will get a reminder by e-mail that the next lesson will not take place.

May I change the session for the next week?

In general, it’s not a problem to change exceptionally the session.
But please inform me before either by e-mail or personally at the lessons. A definitive session change depends on the places available!