The Club

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Since the foundation in 1963 under the patronage of the CERN Staff Association, the CERN Ski Club conveys to its members the pleasure of mountains and snow.

The Ski Club CERN is an association governed by the French law of the 1st July 1901 and affiliated with the French Ski Federation (Committee Mont Blanc). Its statutes and internal regulations have been approved by the general assembly.
The activities of the club are organised by its committee composed of 12 members who can be contacted by mail, e-mail, phone or at the weekly « permanences » taking place from November to March.

The club is organised in 5 sections covering the main activities:

  • Downhill Skiing
  • Snowboard
  • Ski Touring
  • Cross-Country skiing
  • Ski Fitness

Past years, the CERN Ski Club had more than 1.200 members, thereof 55 ski instructors: 18 snowboard instructors, 20 cross country Instructors, 15 randonee instructors. The club is open to everybody, it is not necessary to work at CERN in order to become a member.