Snowboard levels

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Snowboarding Prerequisites:

  • Equipment: Warm clothing, mask, helmet, snowboard, snowboard boots and bindings adjusted and adapted to size, weight, size and position.

Level 0.0


  • Good motivation!



  • Understand your snowboarding hardware and settings
  • Learn how to warm up using all the muscles put to use while snowboarding
  • Behave according to FIS rules, respecting nature and instructions of the instructor
  • One foot skating to move about the ski area, flats, etc.
  • Slide, skid and stop on heel and toe side of the snowboard
  • Sliding/skidding turns heels and toes, linking turns
  • Learn how to ride ski lifts (téléski)

Level 1.0

Prerequisites: Level 0 acquired


  • Stop quickly with counter-rotation
  • Waltzes in both directions
  • Turning variations, using techniques such as rocking and flexion / extension
  • Learn how to ride a ski lift (téléski) safely
  • Initiation to switch, wheelies (tail press) and small jumps

Level 2.0

Prerequisites: Level 1 acquired


  • Carving
  • Initiation to short turns
  • Switch descent with linked turns on easy terrain
  • Jumps using ollie / nollie
  • Nose and tail Wheelie/Butter leading to…Noseslide and tailslide
  • 180 ° spins
  • Nose / tailturn and flat tricks in general

Level 3.0

Prerequisites: Level 2 acquired


  • Carving and carving switch
  • 180° spin variations
  • Nose / tailturns, front and back
  • Nose / tailspin
  • Introduction to 360 °, freestyle and freeride in general