Procedure for obtaining a Carte Neige

French version

Due to French laws, the issuing of a Carte Neige is subject – upon its payment to the club – to a procedure which comprises these main steps, depending on the situation of the requester:

  • to answer the Health questionnaire of the Fédération Française du Ski (FFS) containing a list of nine questions, and/or
  • to provide a medical certificate of non-contraindication against practicing ski sports, and
  • and in all cases: to complete an attestation resuming the situation above.

Additional details:

  1. This procedure applies to all applicants for a Carte Neige. For minor children, these formalities shall be carried out by their legal representatives.
  2. A medical certificate is to be provided in one of the following situations:
    • you have never had a Carte Neige in the past, or
    • you had a Carte Neige in the past, but not last year, or
    • you had a Carte Neige last year, but you have replied with “yes” to one or more of the questions of the Health questionnaire.
  3. Regarding the medical certificate:
    • You can obtain this certificate from any general practitioner
      (the web site of the CERN Medical Service has published a list of local doctors).
    • It has to be written in French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Norwegian, Swedish or Danish, and it must contain the following sentence: “Certificat médical de non contre indication à la pratique du ski”.
    • The certificate must not be older than one year.
    • Scan your medical certificate.
    • Please note that the Ski club will not verify the content of your certificate: it is your responsibility to make sure that your medical certificate is valid. In case it is void, you will not be able to claim anything from the insurance and you will be instantly expelled from the Club.
  4. The Health questionnaire applies to all members who had a “Carte Neige” last year. It has been issued by the FFS (an English translation is not available) and you have to answer honestly to these 9 questions.
    It is not necessary to print and/or send the questionnaire to the Ski Club.
  5. The attestation must be printed, completed, and signed by you.
    • Important: Please read the Carte Neige License Information Notice 2020-2021 and confirm in the attestation that you have taken note of this document.
    • Check the box that describes your situation, date, and sign the attestation.
    • Then, please scan it and forward it to the Ski Club, if applicable together with the scanned medical certificate:
      • either by uploading the documents to your account when you create your account (applicable only to new members),
      • or by uploading the document(s) in your “espace perso” using the upload functionality of its Documents menu (applicable only to members who have already an account and who want to renew their membership).
  6. After reception of your attestation and, if applicable, your medical certificate, the “Carte Neige” will be prepared as soon as possible by one of the volunteers of the club. This can take up to two weeks.
  7. You will get your Carte Neige by e-mail from the FFS. Once you have your “Carte Neige”, you are an official member of the club for the sport season concerned. You should have your “Carte Neige” always with you when you participate in mountain activities of the club. So, please print it and put it in your wallet.