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Organisation of 2021 season

This is a tentative planning, subject to approval by the CERN Clubs Coordinating Committee and to change at any time depending on how the sanitary situation evolves   Alpine ski and snowboard The alpine ski and snowboard section courses that normally kick off the season will take a different form this year, with the aim of minimizing outings cancellation. Assuming that it will be allowed to conduct day outings already in January, they will be organized on the same principle as the normal after-course outings where participants sign up one outing at a time until it’s full. We hope to be able to provide this at half the capacity we usually do, so a maximum of two buses each day of the weekend. This also means that there will be significantly fewer places for beginners (if any at all) – may not apply for the snowboard section though. Following the first 5 weekends, we will try to run our usual day and weekend outing program along the same lines (also with restrictions). In order to participate in any of these outings, the club membership and a full Carte Neige is required as usual (make sure your medical certificate is in order). Another announcement will follow with the opening date for the membership subscription. Ski touring Ski Touring section is planning to propose the outings in an unchanged format, i.e. as they were in the previous years. There will be a couple of outings per weekend, we will continue using cars, but unlike last seasons we may ask participants to use them less occupied. Cross-country (ski de fond) The cross-country section is planning to conduct courses in La Vattay on Saturday afternoons in January and February 2021, as in previous seasons. Unlike in the past, the section will neither be in a position to provide for a bus nor ski passes for participants. Exceptionally in this season, participants are required to take care of their transportation and ski passes themselves. There is public transport from Gex to La Vattay at 13h00 and from La Vattay to Gex at 17h00. Instead of a course fee (as was in the past), in the coming season participants will pay a section fee of approximately 80-100 EUR (plus membership fee and the costs for the Carte Neige). The section fee will enable them to attend the courses and possible other outings offered by the section. While we try to have as many outings as possible, we cannot guarantee that all of them will happen due to the pandemic situation and we will unfortunately not be able to reimburse the section fee. No full-day outings (e.g. family outing) or weekend outings are foreseen. An introduction to biathlon may be organized, if feasible, at additional cost. In order to be able to better determine the cost of the section fee, we would like to ask those of you interested in the cross-country section activities in the upcoming season to complete this poll by Friday 30 October 2020. Whilst this is not binding and may change with the pandemic situation, thanks for indicating your interest as precisely as possible at this stage. Generic rules All club activities will take place outside, respecting safety distance between participants and in compliance with the rules of the FFS, state, department, prefecture, and CERN Clubs Coordinating Committee. Name and contact details of outing/course participants will be tracked through an online subscription form which is verified by the instructor at the beginning of the course/outing (as in previous years). Limited car sharing: we will encourage people to meet directly on the outing parking and to limit sharing to two people. We will follow any state rules while visiting a restaurant/bar (face masks and social distance). There will be a safety responsible for the section who will be reachable and provide advice in case of any infections reported before or after an outing.

Atomiade 2020 organised by the CERN Ski Club CERN

French version The CERN Ski Club organises next winter Atomiade in March 2020 The Atomiade is a sport and social event organised under the auspices of ASCERI The general spirit is to take advantage of sport challenges to foster exchanges between members from European research institutes. Alike the Olympiads, the more important thing is to participate, have fun and exchange with others. It’s not important to win. Challenges will be organised such as people of a class-2 level can safely participate and enjoy. During one week, the winter Atomiade will propose challenges in alpine ski, snowboard and cross-country ski (mainly), as well as a fun team competition. The week will start with a ‘scientific rally’, to give the chance to discover the ski resort, and meet colleagues from the other teams.

Ski & Snowboard: Inscriptions / Registrations

Les inscriptions en ligne aux activités du Ski Club ouvriront le jeudi soir 7 novembre. Pour réduire le trafic sur notre site web, l’ouverture des inscriptions pour le ski alpin et le snowboard sera répartie de la façon suivante : Jeudi 7 novembre, dès 18h00 : inscriptions pour enfants et les niveaux 3.0 et 3.5 Vendredi 8 novembre, dès 18h00 : inscriptions pour les niveaux 2.0 et 2.5 Samedi 9 novembre, dès 18h00 : inscriptions pour les niveaux 1.0 et 1.5 Dimanche 10 novembre, dès 18h00 : inscriptions pour les niveaux 0.0 et 0.5 Les permanences auront lieu tous les jeudis à partir du 14 novembre à 18h00 au 1er étage du Bat. 504 (Restaurant 2). Online registration to the Ski Club activities will open on Thursday evening, November 7th.  To reduce the load on our web site, registrations for Downhill skiing and Snowboard classes will open as follows:  Thursday 07.11. at 6 pm: Subscriptions for children and levels 3.0 and 3.5 Friday 08.11. at 6 pm: Subscriptions for levels 2.0 and 2.5 Saturday 09.11. at 6 pm: Subscriptions for levels 1.0 and 1.5 Sunday 10.11. at 6 pm: Subscriptions for levels 0.0 and 0.5 Regular permanences will take place every Thursday as of November 14th, 6 to 7 pm on the 1st floor of Bld. 504 (Restaurant 2).

Soirée Info / Info Evening

Le Ski Club CERN organise une soirée d’information sur les activités du club le jeudi, 7 novembre, à 18h00 au CERN, dans la Salle des Pas Perdus (à côté de la Salle du Conseil – Bâtiment principal). Lors de la soirée d’information du Club il y aura une présentation de l’évenement Atomiades 2020. On vous attend à 19h00 dans la salle à coté des stands d’information. Venez poser toutes vos questions et partager un moment d’amitié avec nos moniteurs. Vos ami(e)s sont les bienvenu(e)s! Si vous n’avez pas de carte d’accès au CERN, veuillez faire une demande d’accès temporaire au plus tard le mardi 5 novembre. The Ski Club CERN is organizing an information evening, Thursday, November 7th, at 18h at CERN in the Salle des Pas Perdus (next to the Council Chamber). During the information evening there will be a presentation of the Atomiades 2020 event. It will take place at 7 pm in the room next to the club stands. So, for all questions come join us and our instructors. Friends are welcome! If you don’t have a CERN badge, please ask for temporary access by Tuesday 5rd the latest.

Atomiade 2020 organisée par le Ski Club CERN

Version anglaise Le Ski Club CERN organise la prochaine Atomiade d’hiver en mars 2020 L’Atomiade est un évènement social et sportif organisé sous les auspices de l’ASCERI L’esprit général est de promouvoir les échanges entre membres d’instituts de recherche européens au cours de ‘compétitions’ sportives. Mais, comme aux Olympiades, l’important est surtout de participer, de s’amuser et d’échanger. L’important n’est pas de gagner, et les épreuves seront organisées de façon telle que des personnes de niveau de classe 2 puissent y participer en sécurité. Pendant une semaine, l’Atomiade d’hiver comprend des épreuves de ski alpin, de snowboard et de ski de fond (surtout), ainsi qu’un tournoi de Yukigassen par équipe. La semaine commencera par un ‘rallye scientifique’, histoire de découvrir le domaine skiable, et de faire connaissance avec les membres des autres équipes Cette prochaine Atomiade 2020 se déroulera du 21 au 28 mars, à Avoriaz. Nous y attendons de l’ordre de 300 participants. Tous seront logés au Belambra Holiday Club (ancien bâtiment du Club Med, dans le centre de la station). Nous espérons avoir une équipe nombreuse et dynamique pour représenter notre Ski Club. Nous aurons aussi besoin de volontaires pour accueillir les participants, distribuer du matériel et des boissons… Si vous êtes partant, contactez