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General Information


Currently (October 2021), the gym classes are still on hold.
The conditions foreseen by the Geneva cantonal authorities for indoor sports are quite restrictive, such as limitation of the number of participants and comprehensive sanitary measures. As a result, the gym classes could accommodate only 18 participants (our gym has ca. 200 m2) per session, and all participants must wear masks and all equipment must be disinfected after each session.
So, given these constraints, we don’t think the organization of classes is reasonable. That is why classes continue to be suspended until further notice. The decision is subject to revision depending on the evolution of the applicable legislation.

Good physical preparation for alpine and Nordic skiing and for snowboarding will enhance your performance and greatly reduce the risk of accident!
We strongly recommend participating in our pre-season “Ski Fitness” exercise classes. These one-hour classes are held every Tuesday evening, beginning in September and running through to mid-January.
If you want to keep your good shape, you might be interested in joining our general fitness classes that run from mid-January till end of May.
No previous experience is necessary!

Classes are taught by Coralie, our highly appreciated gym instructor, who promised us a varied training program.

Duration of courses

Course 1: Ski Fitness
10 September 2019 – 21 January 2020
Course 2: General Fitness
28 January 2020 – 26 May 2020No classes

  • on Tuesday, 12.11.2019,
  • on Tuesday, 21.04.2020, and
  • during the school holidays!

Day and time of sessions

On Tuesday evenings, two sessions to choose from:
6 p.m. to 7 p.m.
7 p.m. to 8 p.m.


Gym hall of CO Golette, Rue de la Golette 17, CH-1217 Meyrin


per person and course

15 CHF (10 Euro) Ski Club membership fees 2019/20
55 CHF (50 Euro) Fitness course
70 CHF (60 Euro) Total


With your registration you declare to hold an health insurance covering medical expenses resulting from a sport accident.

No reimbursements in case you cancel your participation or in case of absence.


Subscriptions for course 1 “Ski Fitness” start in August 2019, those for course 2 “General Fitness” in January 2020.
In order to subscribe to the gym courses (and, if applicable, renew your membership), please follow the detailed instructions. New members have first to create an account, before they can sign-up.


  • In case of problems with the software, send an e-mail to [at]
  • If you have questions about the classes, do not hesitate to send an e-mail to gabriele.thiede [at]