Carte Neige

Version française

The Ski Club CERN is affiliated to the French ski federation (Fédération Française du Ski, FFS), whose rules require that each participant in a mountain activity organised by the club must hold a “Licence Carte Neige Loisir” (Carte neige).
This card is valid from 15th of October to the the 14th October of the following year.

The Carte neige – which you will get automatically by subscribing to a mountain activity – comprises a compulsory insurance against risks related to the practice of ski, including off-piste skiing. It is the Medium option, of which there are several types : “Standard”, “Famille” (family) and “Fond” (cross-country).

The following table gives an overview about the validity of the types of Carte neige for the different activities:

Activity Carte Neige – Type
  Standard Famille Fond
Downhill Skiing x x
Snowboarding x x
Cross-country skiing x x x
Ski Touring x x
Gymnastics Carte Neige not required

The « Famille »  Carte neige has the same coverage as the « Standard » one, but covers all members of a familly living in the same household.

Have a look into the price list for information about the price of the Carte neige.

If you want to get a Carte neige, please follow the applicable procedure.

In case of an accident, follow the instructions on the FFS web site. Beware of the 5 days delay for your accident declaration!