Membership and account creation

Version française

The activities organised by the club are available for its members, only. So, if you want to sign up, e.g. for ski classes, you must first join the club.

The membership

  • is effected via a web interface by subscribing to an activity and by paying the annual membership fee.
  • is valid for one sport season starting on the 1st of September and finishing on the 31st of August of the following year.
  • expires automatically at the end of the sport season without the need to cancel your subscription.
  • can be renewed the following season by subscribing to an activity and by paying the annual membership fee.

To become a member, you must necessarily have an account – also called “Espace perso” – with the Ski Club CERN.
The account must be created before you join the club for the very first time. It remains valid for an unlimited duration.

A. Preparation

  1. Read the Internal Regulation and the club statutes (both documents in French, only).
    Get familiar with our Data Privacy Notice.
  2. Check out the price list for membership fees and all activities of the club.
  3. Get a medical certificate to certify you are able to ski and complete the attestation, in case you want to participate in an activity requiring the “Carte Neige” (snowboarding, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, ski touring), by following the instructions set out in the procedure for obtaining a “Carte neige”.

B. Account creation

  1. Open the registration form to open a new account.
  2. A new page will open where you can fill-in your personal data. Please mind that once your account has been created, you can change this information in your “Espace perso”.
  3. On the same page you have to upload your scanned documents (medical certificate and signed attestation).
    In case you want to subscribe to the gym classes, only, or your do not foresee to participate in other activities requiring a Carte Neige (please note that the Carte Neige is mandatory for any ski-related activity as mentioned above!), you can upload a blank document instead of a medical certificate, in order to complete the registration.
  4. Please do not send the certificate and the attestation by e-mail.
  5. After you have submitted the completed form with the uploaded documents (certificate, attestation or substitute), you will get a message on your screen stating “Demande envoyée” (Request sent). Note, you will not see your uploaded medical certificate on your page. If you do not receive a message please check you “SPAM” folder, in particular gmail seems prone to block our messages.
  6. At this stage, please be patient and wait for a couple of days until a volunteer of the club has manually activated your account.

C. Final steps

  1. Once your account is activated, you will receive an e-mail which includes a link to set the password for your account.
  2. Note your login (“code utilisateur”) and set your password.
  3. Now you can join the club by subscribing to an activity!