Présentation du GT Anglais

To get in touch with the English group, contact Hélène Duranton:

The English group within UPLEGESS is committed to helping our teaching community share their knowledge and experience of teaching English in Business and Engineering schools. Through workshops, debates and discussions, we aim to build upon existing teaching techniques, share good practice, explore innovative teaching methods and pedagogies and discuss current issues at the heart of our activity: at the student level, the classroom level, the department level or the wider institutional or societal level.

Our aims and objectives:

  • Share teaching and learning methods and pedagogies
  • Exchange ideas and information
  • Bring people together to network and pool resources
  • Motivate people to improve teaching and learning skills
  • Share stories and experiences, successes and failures
  • Engage and inspire teachers and build a strong community of professionals


Our events place in a welcoming environment, with opportunities to not just learn, but meet new people and expand horizons.

We do this through activities based on themes and ideas decided on by the community, inviting anyone to share and collaborate, as well as convene with experts in the relevant fields.