Member management

Importing your contacts (members, external, etc.), management of personal information, contributions, monitoring of activities, issuing invoices, management of access rights, possibility of attaching documents to the file, statistics, export to other software, personalization of the file (adding free fields), printing of cards, taking notes.

Management of memberships

Beyond memberships, you can manage everything you sell, internships, contributions, insurance, materials, licenses, activities etc…

Activity management

Planning, outings, courses, meetings, assignments, groups, income/expenses, reports, convocations, attendance management, online registration.

Financial management

Setting up financial years, bank/cash accounts and the chart of accounts. Management of movements (receipts, expenses). Accounting monitoring by allocation, by analytical account, by bank account, by category. Statistics, production of balance sheet documents and income statement.

Online payment

Users can pay online their contributions, insurance, activities, etc. online.


Dissemination of targeted information, example to members of an activity, standard documents, mailing, email, SMS, newsletter, chat.

Data export

Export your database or lists to other software.

Document management

Download and store important documents in your Backoffice and share them with your contacts.

Multi users

Possibility of giving different access rights to your users: treasurer profiles, secretary, etc…


Integration of your association’s website with online store and personal space.